Friday, September 13, 2019

John Van Pelt Quackenbush - Surgeon General, New York

JOHN VAN PELT QUACKENBUSH, son of John N. Quackenbush; born in Albany N.Y., June 3, 1819; married. Sept. 9, I846, Elizabeth, daughter of Deodatus Wright and Louisa Maria Herrick.

Children: Louisa Maria, born June 24, 1848; married. March 31, 1875, to Lieutenant Commander Charles H. Davis, U.S.N., 3 children.

Dr. John Van Pelt Quackenbush entered the Sophomore Class at Williams College, and was a member of the Sigma Phi Fraternity. He graduated in 1838 and was as signed the honor of delivering the Greek oration. He studied medicine with Dr. Peter Wendell of Albany, and received the degree of M. D. in 1842 from the Albany Medical College, He practiced medicine successfully for many years, and in 1855 became professor of obstetrics and diseases of women at the Albany Medical College.

In 1868 he was elected President of the Medical Society of the State of New York, and under the administration of Governor Seymour, during the War of the Rebellion, he was Surgeon General of the State of New York. Dr. Quackenbush took a lively interest in politics, and in 1858 ran for Mayor of Albany, but was defeated. In 1876 he was selected as a delegate from the Medical Society of the State of New York to the International Medical Congress held in Philadelphia. Dr. John Van Pelt Quackenbush died June 8, 1876.

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