Thursday, September 5, 2019

H. M. Quackenbush of Herkimer NY Pedal Powered Wood Lathe

The overall condition of this rare cast iron pedal lathe is very nice. Note the patented main chuck in one of the pics. It is about 26" between centers and a bit over 3" from center to bed. There are two different lathe rests and a couple choices for the tail stock. There is an assortment of additional tooling stored in the 2 drawers that have been added below the original wooden top. There is no belt but I see no reason it would not work and I see no casting cracks or other damage. It is smaller than a Barnes, but bigger, nicer, and better built than other smaller lathes like the New Rodgers or Millers Falls Lathes of the period. The flywheel must weigh close to 50 lbs.

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