Monday, September 9, 2019

Dr. Quackenbush In Africa - 1911

Movie: Comedy, 1942, Color, 60 minutes This famous ski comedy follows Dr. Quackenbush to Cranmore, Wildcat and Tuckerman. Filmed by Sidney Shurcliff in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, this famous comedy classic follows the misadventures of Dr. Erasmus B. Quackenbush from Mt. Cranmore to the Wildcat Race Trail to the heights of Tuckerman Ravine’s legendary Headwall. Historic footage, spectacular skiing, “hill”arious comedy and a vintage musical score make this film great entertainment for the entire family. Filmed on Mt. Washington, Dr. Quackenbush (John Marshall) encounters famous ski personalities of the day such as Hannes Schneider, Harvey Dow Gibson, Toni Matt, Benno Rybizka, and Joe Dodge.

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