Wednesday, July 21, 2021

LCDR Robert S. Quackenbush, USN - Update

WWII Photography Fights Interpretation Unit Film "Photography Fights" 77784. Created for the U.S. Navy by the Treasury Dept. as part of the 6th War Loan drive, PHOTOGRAPHY FIGHTS is a docudrama that showcases the role of a naval photographic interpretation team in theater. The film begins and ends with a "typical" American couple who openly doubt the value of photography in the war, and then shows an interpretation team working on the front lines at Guadalcanal in the Pacific. An aerial photograph is analyzed to reveal that Japanese troops are constructing an air strip on an adjacent island at Munda. The film then suggests the destruction of the strip by showing scenes of aerial and naval bombardment. The film (according to a 1944 guide) "shows how under enemy action photographic crews work precious minutes getting and scanning pictures to search for signs of enemy emplacements and evidence of his movements. It shows what happens when well trained, discerning photographic interpreters can read from pictures shot by the crew."
At the 9 minute mark, an attack is mounted on the new Japanese airstrip by carrier-launched airplanes.

The film ends with comments by Commander Robert S. Quackenbush, Jr., the Director of Photography of the U.S. Navy. Quackenbush was one of the top people responsible for the establishment of a Navy school for photographic interpretation, just before WWII, under Admiral Stark. He was inspired by a trip to England in 1941, where he observed how the British were using photographic reconnaissance to great effect. The first American school was at the U.S. Naval Air Station, Anacostia, D.C. Quackenbursh led US photographic reconnaisance operations throughout the war. During Operation Crossroads, he was attached, with the rank of Captain, to the staff of Vice Admiral Blandy as senior officer in charge of all photographic operations during the atomic bomb tests at Bikini in 1946. He retired in 1957 with the rank of Rear Admiral.

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