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Hello, my name is Will Quackenbush. I am a retired Navy Independent Duty First Class Petty Officer Hospital Corpsman 0000 and Field Medical Service Technician 8404 Devil Doc having served with the United States Marine Corps 1st Field Surgical Support Group during Viet Nam, the first Gulf War and Panama. All total I served 22 years, ran two Medical Departments separate from a physician, with approximately 165 Corpsman under my supervision. After retiring from the Navy, I worked for the State of Oregon for 10 years as a Network Administrator and as the states first Webmaster designing and troubleshooting internal and external websites. After leaving state employment I worked for 9 years with Adults with disabilities and as Webmaster for a private company before actually retiring.

All Things Quackenbush endeavors to instill in the youth of the Quackenbush Family and all family members, a sense of worth, accomplishment, and pride in the history of our family. Our history is rich in innovation, dedication, service to country and public service. The history of the Quackenbush Family is the story of the birth of a new nation and stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things. Quackenbush's participated in some of the most important times and events in our countries history.

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  1. so happy and thankful for all your research! i'm a Quackenbush descendant and love our family history.