Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Nicholas I. Quackenbos

During the early days of the settlement of America, when large numbers of sturdy Dutch pioneers crossed the Atlantic and founded New Amsterdam, two brother named Quack Boss came to this country, one of who, settled in Albany, took the name of Quackenbush, while the other, remaining in New York City, adopted the name of Quackenbos. From the latter of the two brothers, the subject of this notice is descended. For generations the family has been one of wealth, prominence, and influence, and it has given to New York many of its leading merchants, attorneys, and physicians. One of the most prominent members was George P. Quackenbos, the noted school-book author, who was a cousin of our subject.

LCDR Robert S. Quackenbush, USN - Update

WWII Photography Fights Interpretation Unit Film "Photography Fights" 77784. Created for the U.S. Navy by the Treasury Dept. as part of the 6th War Loan drive, PHOTOGRAPHY FIGHTS is a docudrama that showcases the role of a naval photographic interpretation team in theater. The film begins and ends with a "typical" American couple who openly doubt the value of photography in the war, and then shows an interpretation team working on the front lines at Guadalcanal in the Pacific. An aerial photograph is analyzed to reveal that Japanese troops are constructing an air strip on an adjacent island at Munda. The film then suggests the destruction of the strip by showing scenes of aerial and naval bombardment. The film (according to a 1944 guide) "shows how under enemy action photographic crews work precious minutes getting and scanning pictures to search for signs of enemy emplacements and evidence of his movements. It shows what happens when well trained, discerning photographic interpreters can read from pictures shot by the crew."

Thursday, June 24, 2021

John Adam Quackenbush - Congressman

John A. Quackenbush. son of Harmon J.; born October 16. 1828 in Schaghticoke, New York; married September 29, 1852 to Harriet Kinney (died November 12. 1899). Together they had the following children: Jacob, born July 19. 1855; died September 14, 1855. George Edward, born November 10, 1855; died January 12. 1857. John Henry, born May 12. 1858; married Nellie Newland. Emma, born June 2, 1863; married December 29, 1890, George Ira Rayner. No children.

John Adam Quackenbush was a U.S. Republican politician from New York. He was born in Schaghticoke, New York. He attended the district schools and the local academy in Stillwater N.Y.; engaged in agricultural pursuits and was also interested in the lumber business. He was the supervisor of Schaghticoke 1860 - 1862 and chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Rensselaer County in 1862. He was a member of the New York State Assembly (Rensselaer Co., 2nd D.) in 1863. John served as the Sheriff of Rensselaer County from 1873 - 1876. He was elected as a Republican to the Fifty-first and Fifty-second Congresses (March 4, 1889 - March 3, 1893. John was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the Fifty-third Congress. He resumed agricultural pursuits and died in Schaghticoke, N.Y. on May 11, 1908. John was buried in the City Cemetery.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Mike (Michael Spillane) Quackenbush - American Professional Wrestler

Michael Spillane (born March 18, 1976), better known by his ring name Mike Quackenbush, is an American professional wrestler, trainer, author and the founder of both The Wrestle Factory and Chikara. Quackenbush is best known as the patriarch of the Chikara family and his work on the independent circuit, the latter of which has spanned for over 15 years. He has written seven books: Fantastic Finishers (1998), Headquarters (2001), Secret Identity (2004), Chikara Yearbook (2002, 2004, 2009 and 2011). From 1998 to 2008, he penned a regular column for The Wrestler magazine entitled 'From Bell To Bell' and 'International Report' in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Both Headquarters and Secret Identity were re-released as e-books for the Kindle in May 2010. He is also the host of the weekly video podcast entitled "Chikara Podcast–A–Go–Go". Quackenbush also hosts a non-wrestling related podcast called "The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe" with his long-time friend, Fox News host Clayton Morris. In wrestling, Quackenbush is a former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion and one half of the Chikara Campeones de Parejas with Jigsaw.