Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Naming Of Otsego Lake, New York

Pieter Quackenboss, Son of Pieter Quackenboss and married to Sarah Wimple. The following anecdote is related of Pieter Quackenboss, in Mrs. Ellet's "Women Of The Revolution".

Pieter Quackenboss was amoung the early settlers of Montgomery County, New York, and did not escape the difficulties. He was a trader with the Indians, who placed great confidence in him, frequently consulting him. They were disposed to bestow on him some particular mark of regard, and after meeting for consultation, they decided on giving him the name "Otsego" and christening the lake for him. The ceremony of naming both him and the lake was performed by pouring liquor upon his head as he knelt on the ground, a portion being afterwards poured into the water. It is probable that few are acquainted with this origin of the name of Otsego Lake; but that family tradition has been confirmed by the recollection of some who witnessed the occurrence.

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