Sunday, December 13, 2020

Louisa Maria Quackenbush Davis

LOUISA MARIA QUACKENBUSH DAVIS, daughter of John Van Pelt Quackenbush; born June 24. 1848; married March 31, 1875 to Lieutenant Commander C. H. Davis.Children: Elizabeth and two other children.

CHARLES H. DAVIS was born in Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 28, 1845. He entered the Naval Academy in 1862 and graduated in 1865. He went immediately after graduating on his first cruise, which was to the Mediterranean, in the "Colorado," the flagship of Admiral Goldborough. In 1867 he went on his second cruise to South America, where he was ordered to the Guerriere, the flagship of his father. Admiral Davis. On the return of the "Guerriere " in 1869 he was transferred to the Portsmouth " and remained another year on the South Atlantic squadron. During this cruise he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. He returned to South America in 1870, and was attached to the receiving ship New Hampshire at the Norfolk navy yard. In 1872 he went in the "Omaha" to the Pacific squadron and returned in 1875. He was at the torpedo station in the summer of 1875, and on duty at the Naval Observatory, Washington, until 1877. In the autumn of 1877 he, now Lieutenant Commander, was ordered on scientific duty; afler a year's absence he was home for six months, and then again ordered on scientific duty in 1879; then on duty at the Hydrographic office, Washington, until the spring of 1881, when he was ordered on the same duty to Japan and China. (From Talcott's "New York and New England Families.").


  1. This is Louisa's father-in-law, Charles Henry Davis (also an Admiral). He was born in 1807. There's a picture of Charles, Jr. at findagrave. They're in the same plot in Cambridge Cemetery.

  2. The picture of Chas H Davis you posted on your site is her father-in-law, 1807-1877. She was married to his son Chas H Davis, Jr, 1845-1922. Both were rear admirals in the US Navy.