Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Isaac Quackenbos and The Border Wars

ISAAC QUACKENBOS was the son of David and married Dorcas Van Alstyne. Together they had the following children: Abraham, drowned in Schoharie Creek, near Ft. Hunter; David; Peter; who settled in Wisconsin; and Martin.

The following anecdote is related of Isaac Quackenbos in Sim's "History of the Border Settlers":

Isaac Quackenbos was under Col. Harper near the Susquehanna, as believed, in 1778; when he happened to be alone, he discovered five Indians sitting on a log mending their moccasins. He was under the cover of a tree within gun-shot of them, his gun being loaded with a bullet and four buckshot. He supposed that if he fired on them they would naturally conclude that he was not alone and his temerity construed rightly. He fired, and two of them fell and the surviving three ran off, and he ran too, though in the opposite direction. He obtained assistance, returned and found the two dead warriors and the moccasins the party were mending.

This incident was communicated by John S. Quackenbos, a nephew of Isaac, and corroborated by Isaac Collier, a fellow soldier of Quackenbos at the time.

ISAAC QUACKENBOS was appointed Lieutenant of the 5th Tryon Co. Regiment, March 3rd, 1780.

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