Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Harmon Quackenbush - The Old Quackenbush Homestead At Schaghticoke NY

HARMON QUACKENBUSH, son of Sybrant, born. December 5, 1738 and married Judith Mowall. Together they birthed: Alida, born December 22, 1759; Elizabeth born August 28, 1761; Sybrant born September 11. I 763; Daniel born August 27, 1765;John born June 18, 1767. Nellie born August 19, 1769; Jacob born Novembern 15. 1771; Catherine born January 15, 1774.

HARMON QUACKENBUSH lived in the old Quackenbush Homestead at Schaghticoke (now owned by John A. Quackenbush), except for a brief period in 1777, when, with other residents of that neighborhood, he was compelled to retire to Albany for safety, as Gen. Burgoyne's invading army approached from Canada. Fearing the pillagers who invariably accompanied the army at that time, Harmon saved such articles of personal property as he could not carry with him by burying them a short distance from the house. After Burgoyne's surrender at the Battle of Stillwater, which was fought within two miles of the Quackenbush Homestead, Harmon returned with his family to Schaghticoke, and there spent the remainder of his days, figuring prominently in the Dutch Reformed Church. This property has been in the family since 1705.

His great-granddaughter, Miss Clarrisse Jane Ackart, of Stillwater, has now in her possession an old Dutch pulpit Bible, which Harmon Quackenbush purchased from the church long ago. Although bearing the date 1745 it is in an excellent state of preservation, and contains precise family records written by Harmon and his son Jacob.

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