Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saved By The Great Emancipator

This story begins February 14, 1940 as recorded by the Journal-Gazette in Coldwater, Michigan. It was an observance of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln where George Quackenbush, age 79, first told his story.

George Quackenbush said that when he was a youngster he went with his parents to upper Sandusky, Ohio to see President Lincoln. who was stopping there briefly to deliver a speech.

When President Lincoln's train arrived, he left the rear of the train but stayed near to it to deliver his speech. During the speech-making Quackenbush lost interest in the ceremonies, and crawled beneath a nearby railroad car to play.

While he was playing there the train began to move, but Lincoln standing nearby, saw that George Quackenbush was about to be crushed. President Lincoln grabbed the boy by a foot and pulled him to safety. The President returned to his train and was gone.

George Quackenbush, a retired Tinsmith, passed away on October 19, 1944

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